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Call for nominations for the EMS Prizes 2024

Call for Nominations of Candidates for Ten EMS Prizes

Principal Guidelines

Any European mathematician who has their 35th birthday on or after the 1st of January 2024 and who has not previously received an EMS Prize is eligible. In the event of maternity, the upper limit is normally extended by 18 months for each child. For other parental, adoption, compassionate or extended sick leave the upper limit is extended to match the documented
time spent on leave. The maximal extension is up to the age of 38 years.

Mathematicians are defined to be European if they are of European nationality or their normal place of work is within Europe. Europe is defined to be the union of any country or part of a country which is geographically within Europe or that has a corporate member of the EMS based in that country. Prizes are to be awarded for work accepted for publication before
October 31, 2023.

Nominations for the Award

The Prize Committee is responsible for the evaluation of nominations. Nominations can be made by anyone, including members of the Prize Committee but only before the deadline; the Prize Committee chair will reveal the list to the committee only after the nominations are closed. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide all relevant information to the Prize
Committee, including a résumé and documentation. The nomination for each award must be accompanied by a written justification and a citation of about 100 words that can be read at the award ceremony. The prizes cannot be shared.
Description of the Award The award comprises a certificate including the citation and a cash prize of € 5,000.

Award Presentation

The prizes will be presented at the Ninth European Congress of Mathematics in Seville, July 15–19, 2024, by the President of the European Mathematical Society. The recipients will be invited to present their work at the congress.

Prize Fund

The Compositio Mathematica Foundation kindly offered to sponsor half of the prize money. The second half will be sponsored by the publishing house EMS Press.

Deadline for Submission

Nominations for the prize must reach the chair of the Prize Committee at the address given below, not later than November 1, 2023:

Professor Pavel Exner
Doppler Institute
Czech Technical University
Břehová 7
115 19 Praha 1
Czech Republic


Apunte de la presidenta 30/05/2023

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Apunte de la presidenta 23/05/2023

¡Ya han salido los vídeos ganadores de la fase nacional de la Competición Estadística Europea (ESC) que participarán en la fase europea de la ESC! El 5 de junio se publicarán los ganadores de la fase europea en Además, se han elegido los vídeos ganadores por votación del público: ¡Todos ellos son fantásticos! ¡Enhorabuena!