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CFP in ITOR: Logistics Optimization for Social Good 

The International Transactions in Operational Research (ITOR) will publish a special issue dedicated to «Logistics Optimization for Social Good».

The world and the population are constantly changing, and these changes have been more pronounced during the last decades. High pollution, increasing aging population, frequent diseases and pandemics, depopulation of rural areas and overpopulation in cities, hunger and shortage in developing countries, are some of the main challenges affecting our current and future situation. Around these ideas there are many logistics solutions to consider on a day-to-day and strategic basis, which can bring many benefits to the societies if they are properly advanced.

Accordingly, there is a growing interest to ensure that current and future AI and Optimization research provide these logistics solutions for better crisis response, equality and inclusion, economic empowerment, hunger and shortage response, healthcare, or environmental sustainability, i.e., for social good. This will result in advances in both theoretical and practical aspects as well as technical innovations in several logistics sectors such as emergency logistics, humanitarian logistics, healthcare logistics, etc. In this context, with the aim of reflecting and reporting on the latest research and developments in the interplay between logistics for social good and optimization, we propose this special issue entitled «Logistics Optimization for Social Good».

The main goal of this special issue is to bring and comprehensively collect cutting-edge research and recent advances in AI and Optimization to promote and foster logistics for social good. This issue will provide readers with high-quality contributions exploring and dealing with optimization problems in the field of logistics while discussing advanced methods considering social good. Examples involve the joint use of machine learning and mathematical programming, integrating information systems with optimization algorithms, theoretical or empirical studies in modern operations research, developing truly-brained systems to support logistics decisions, etc. As it can be seen, the special issue will contribute to the literature with relevant theoretical and practical works advancing the progress of operations research and artificial intelligence towards logistics for social good.

Some of the topics covered by this special issue are the following, among others:

*Emergency logistics
*Health and social care logistics
*Humanitarian logistics and crisis management
*Multi-modal intelligent transport systems and services
*Advances in optimization models for green supply chain
*Operations research in developing countries
*Intelligent decision making under uncertainty
*Collaborative and self-organizing logistics
*Intelligent techniques for online and offline healthcare planning
*Combination of methods from Artificial intelligence and Operations Research in sustainable logistics
*Optimization approaches for food security
*Optimization and AI of logistics in non-governmental organizations
*Scheduling in non-profit organizations
*Optimization in closed-loop supply chains

This call for papers is open to the entire community of researchers and practitioners and we encourage any submissions that fit in the scope of this special issue. Authors of selected works from the 13th International Conference on Computational Logistics (ICCL 2022) will be invited to submit an extended version of their ICCL 2022 accepted papers to this special issue.

Each paper will be peer-reviewed according to the editorial policy of ITOR (, published by the International Federation of Operational Research Societies – IFORS. Papers should be original, unpublished, and not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the instructions to authors that can be found on the journal homepage. Authors should upload their contributions using the submission site, indicating in their cover letter that the paper is intended for this special issue and listing the novel contributions considering related literature.

**The deadline for submissions is March 12, 2023.

Other inquiries should be sent directly to any of the Guest Editors in charge of this issue:
Jesica de Armas (
Helena Ramalhinho (
Stefan Voß (

23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS 2023)

We invite you to the Stream «Metaheuristics for Social Impact»  in stream Metaheuristics» at the 23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS 2023) July 10-14, 2023, Santiago, Chile (

We welcome contributions related to applications of Metaheuristics to health care and social care, humanitarian logistics, sustainability, as home health care or social care applications, personal medical scheduling, resources applications, vaccines distributions, health care or social care facility location, mobility for elderly, covid applications, humanitarian logistics, sustainable transportation, etc.

The authors are invited to submit their abstracts by going to the abstract submission page Add the following invitation code: 559d07f3.

CODE: 559d07f3

session Metaheuristics for Social Impact

stream Metaheuristics.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Session Organizer: Helena Ramalhinho (

Upcoming at LIDAM #182
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  ISBA Statistics Seminar Ioannis Papastathopoulos (University of Edinburgh)
Statistical point process models for spike-trains obtained from grid cells
December 16 – 11:30 | ISBA C.115
  UCLouvain Economics Seminar Antoine Bozio (PSE)
Follow the Money! Combining Household and Firm-Level Evidence to Unravel the Tax Elasticity of Dividends
December 16 – 12:45 | D.144 (Dupriez Building)
  ISBA Applied Statistics Workshop Celine Le Bailly de Tilleghem (MSD Belgium & Luxembourg)
The role of a statistician in pharmaceutical industries in supporting Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
December 16 – 14:30 | ISBA C.115
  ISBA Applied Statistics Workshop Alexandre Lambert (Qubes)
Bayesian Optimal Interval Design (BOIN) in phase I dose escalation clinical trials
December 16 – 16:00 | ISBA C.115
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Bert Willems (Tilburg University)
«Bidding and Investment in Wholesale Electricity Markets:
Pay-as-Bid versus Uniform-Price»

January 16, 2023 – 10:00 | Room TBC
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Xi (Petrus) Yang (Harvard University)
«Rethinking the Integrated Economic Impacts of Energy Transition on Environment, Investment, and Geopolitics: The Case of Clean Hydrogen as Bottleneck-breaker of Climate Change Mitigation Dilemmas»
January 16, 2023 – 14:00 | Room TBC
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Marion Leroutier (Stockholm School of Economics)
«The Cost of Air Pollution for Workers and Firms»
January 17, 2023 – 10:00 | Room TBC
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Ivan Savin (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
«A Global Survey of Scientific Consensus and Controversy on Climate Policy«
January 17, 2023 – 14:00 | Room TBC
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Prabal Shrestha (EMLV De Vinci Research Center)
«Sustainable Finance: Effective Communication in Digital Settings»
January 13, 2023 – 10:30 | Room TBC
  Arno Baurinwill defend his thesis entitled
Heterogeneity in pension policy
Thesis advisors : Prof. Jean Hindriks (CORE) & Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe (IRES)
December 16 – 15:00 | More 51 and TEAMS
Religion Culture and Economic Growth
in Historical Perspective December 19-20, 2022 Louvain House | Louvain-la-Neuve
Christmas Meeting of Belgian Economists December 23, 2022
ULB Solbosch Campus, SBS-EM, Building R42, Room42. 4.110
ProgrammeAttendance is free but registration is compulsory
Belgian Financial Research Forum 2023
Call for Papers April 20-21, 2023 National Bank of Brussels Submission
Full working papers should be sent (in PDF) no later than
December 23, 2022 to
5 PhD and 3 Post-doc positions
in actuarial sciences and statisticsThe Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the UCLouvain jointly with the KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business open vacancies for 3 phD and 2 post-doctoral students as part of the joint 2022 Excellence of research (EOS) call entitled «ASTeRISK: Actuaries and STatisticians endeavour to design innovative, inclusive insurance products in a changing RISK landscape».
More info
3 PhD (ARC-IMAL)The Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and The Namur Institute for Complex Systems (naXys) of the Université de Namur (UNamur), Namur, Belgium, have vacancies for

2 PhD positions in survival/semi-parametric regression
1 PhD position in functional data analysis

as part of their joint 2020 Action de recherche Concertée (ARC) call entitled «Imperfect Data: From Mathematical foundations to Applications in Life sciences» (IMAL).For more information regarding these positions, please find here the announcement.
  Paul Wilson
Clemson University

Invited by Prof. Catherine Legrand & Léopold Simar
From December 3 to 18, 2022
  Bertrand Candelon

La Belgique est-elle en faillite ?
LN24. Pour info – 12/12/2022
  Muriel Dejemeppe

200.000 emplois ont-ils été créés depuis deux ans, comme l’a affirmé Alexander De Croo ?
RTBF Info – 09/12/2022
  Jean Hindriks

Agir durablement contre la pauvreté
AraBel. Le carrefour de l’info – 09/12/2022
[Intervention de 5:06 à 21:44]

Pauvre Magnette …
Le Soir – 15/12/2022
  Bruno Van Der Linden

Faut-il limiter les allocations de chômage dans le temps ? «Si on le fait à la hussarde, cela va être un désastre»
La Libre – 12/12/2022
  Mathieu Van Vyve

On entre dans le début de la fin de la crise énergétique
L’Echo – 11/12/2022

Le froid s’installe : quelle conséquence sur les prix de l’énergie ?
RTBF. La Première. Matin Première – 09/12/2022
[Intervention de 01:14:40 à 01:23:38]
Registration & Information
Analyse de données
pré-cliniques et cliniques avec SPSS

[3 demi jours]
débute le 09-12-2022 à 13:30
Introduction à l’analyse de réseaux en R [4 demi jours]
débute le 15-12-2022 à 09:30
Pratique de la statistique avec SPSS
[5 demi jours]
débute le 09-01-2023 à 09:30
Introduction to experi-mental design with JMP
[8 demi jours]
débute le 16-01-2023 à 09:00
Initiation au langage Python
[6 demi jours]
débute le 23-01-2023 à 09:30
Préparation et mise en place d’une enquête
[4 demi jours]
débute le 23-01-2023 à 09:30
Each week you can check the latest books available at the LIDAM Library.
——————–GAMEL C., LUBRANO M.  
   On Kolm’s theory of macrojustice HINDRIKS J., e.a.
   Agir durablement contre la pauvreté OBAMA B.  
   A promised land VILLAR A.    
   Lectures on inequality, poverty and welfare
More New Books
Électricité : est-il possible de contenir la hausse des prix ?
Vivre seul ? Un choix coûteux. Mais est-ce un choix ?Pierre Pestieau
Scholars and Literati at the Philosophical Society of Oxford (1651–1690)

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Seminario Instituto CIO: On particularly nice cones

Seminario Instituto CIO

Lugar: Sala de seminarios edf. Torretamarit. CIO-UMH
Fecha y hora: 23/12/2022 12:30
Speaker: A/Prof. Vera Roshchina, UNSW Sydney (Australia)
Title: On particularly nice cones


There are many properties of facial structure of convex sets that coincide in a lower-dimensional setting but differ in higher dimensions. This talk will cover several such different properties and their relations, including facial exposure, facial dual completeness (niceness), amenability and projectional exposure. Even though the definitions of these properties have a different nature, they form a neat hierarchy. Based on an example of sufficient and necessary conditions for niceness obtained using lexicographic tangents, an argument can be made about a possibility to explain these different notions and their relations using a unified approach.

EURO PhD Schools in 2023

We are excited to announce two new EURO PhD Schools to run in 2023, along with the deferred school on  Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine.

I would be grateful if you could advertise the following to your colleagues and societies as their application deadlines are in January.
–  EURO PhD School on Sustainable Supply Chains
Date: June 25-29, 2023
Location: Hagen
Country: Germany


Deadline 22nd January 2023

–  EURO PhD School on Retail Operations and Analytics
Date: September 17-20, 2023
Location: Stockholm
Country: Sweden


Deadline 20th January 2023


Apunte de la presidenta 28/03/2023

Hoy felicitamos a nuestra compañera Cristina Molero del Río por haber recibido el Doctoral Dissertation Award de la Sociedad de Clasificación. Es la primera vez que una tesis defendida en una universidad española (Universidad de Sevilla) recibe este galardón. Más información en . ¡Enhorabuena! Por otra parte, quiero recordaros que está abierto el plazo […]

Apunte de la presidenta 21/03/2023

¡Buenos días! ¡En este momento se publica la convocatoria de los Premios SEIO-Fundación BBVA 2023! Os animo a participar. ¡También se publica en este momento la convocatoria de las Medallas de la SEIO de este año! La información la tenéis en Por otra parte, quiero felicitar a los grupos ganadores y a los finalistas […]