Congresos/cursos/conferencias 10/01/2023

EURO events in 2023

2023 is now approaching fast, and despite our activities, we can start making plans for 2023. Don’t miss the following events:

*EURO Mini Conference on MINLP – March 30-31, 2023, Seville (
*NATCOR schools (
*EURO PhD School on Operations Research in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine 21-26 August 2023, Koc University
*EURO PhD School on Sustainable Supply Chains 25-29 June 2023, Hagen (
*EURO PhD Summer School on Retail Operations 17-20 Sep 2023, Stockholm (

I wish you a very happy New Year 2023, from all of EURO.

Boletín de Actualidad PET MSO-ED Noviembre 2022
Red de entidades para potenciar la innovación
Boletín de ActualidadBoletín del 01 de Noviembre al 15 de Diciembre de 2022Noticias

172 ESGI (European European Study Group with Industry) en España Promovido por el Grupo de Trabajo (GT) de PET-MSO-ED del Reto 1: Salud, Cambio Demográfico y Bienestar, se centrará en dar respuesta a retos identificados por el grupo para optimizar …

PET MSO-ED participa en la 5ª edición de la conferencia internacional Build & Connect que celebrada los días 22 y 23 de noviembre en el Palacio de Congresos de Estrasburgo.

Build & Connect es un evento de referencia para intensificar y promover las transformaciones en el sector de la construcción. Una conferencia organizada cada dos años desde 2014 por Fibres-Energivie….

Divulgación de PET MSO-ED en EU-MATHS-IN Entre las actividades de la Red Española Matemática Industria (math-in), su vicepresidente Tomeu Coll ha presentado en el Council de EU-MATHS-IN, celebrado en Paris el pasado 7 de diciembre, los principales hitos….. 

22º Conferencia ECMI La conferencia ECMI 2023 se celebrará en Wroclaw (Polonia) del 26 al 30 de junio de 2023.
Actualmente está abierta la presentación …

CDTI ORGANIZA INFODAY HORIZONTE EUROPA CDTI organiza Infoday nacional Horizonte Europa Energía y Misión […]
Read More

PRÓXIMAS CONVOCATORIAS NEXT GENERATIONLos Fondos Next Generation son una iniciativa europea destinada a impulsar la transformación digital y la economía circular en […]Read More

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Internet and Big Data in Economics and Social Sciences

The 5th International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics
– Internet and Big Data in Economics and Social Sciences –
June 28th – 30th, 2023 · Seville, Spain 


Research methods in economics and social sciences are evolving with the increasing availability of Internet and Big Data sources of information. As these sources, methods, and applications become more interdisciplinary, the 5th International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics (CARMA) is a consolidated forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and advances on how emerging research methods and sources are applied to different fields of social sciences as well as to discuss current and future challenges. 

The CARMA 2023 conference will be held on 28 – 30 June 2023. It is an in-person conference held at the Faculty of Sciences in Economics and Business of the University of Seville (US). 

Topics of interest 

The program committee encourages the submission of articles discussing challenges related to contemporary issues in Internet and Big Data in economics and social sciences. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Internet and Big Data sources in economics and social sciences
    • Google Trends and Search Engine data 
    • Social media and public opinion mining 
    • Web scraping 
    • Geospatial and mobile phone data 
    • Open data and public data 
  • Big Data methods in economics and social sciences
    • Sentiment analysis 
    • Internet econometrics 
    • AI and Machine learning applications 
    • Statistical learning 
    • Information quality and assessment 
    • Crowdsourcing 
    • Natural Language processing 
    • Explainability and interpretability 
  • Internet and Big Data applications
    • Politics and social media 
    • Sustainability and development 
    • Finance applications 
    • Official statistics 
    • Forecasting and nowcasting 
    • Bibliometrics and sciencetometrics 
    • Social and consumer behaviour, mobility patterns 
    • eWOM and social media marketing 
    • Labor market 
    • Business analytics with social media 
    • Advances in travel, tourism, and leisure 
    • Digital management 
    • Marketing Intelligence analytics 
    • Data governance 
  • Digital transition and global society
    • Privacy and legal aspects 
    • Electronic Government 
    • Data Economy 
    • Smart Cities 
    • Industry adoption 


Important Dates 

Submission deadline: 21 February 2023
Acceptance notification: 30 March 2023
Camera ready due: 20 April 2023
Conference: 28 – 30 June 2023 


All accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings with a DOI and ISBN number. They will be published in open access by UPV Press and submitted to be indexed in major international bibliographic databases. The previous edition is already indexed in the Thomson-Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Web of Science Core Collection (former ISI Proceedings). 

Submission guidelines 

Authors from all over the world are invited to submit original and unpublished papers or extended abstracts, which are not under review in any other conference or journal. All submissions will be peer reviewed by the program committee based on their originality, significance, methodological soundness, and clarity of exposition. 

Submissions must be written in English and should be in PDF format. They must follow the instructions in the template file, available in Microsoft Word format at: 

Paper length must be between 4 and 8 pages (A4 size), incorporating all text, references, figures and tables. These guidelines are strict: papers failing to adhere to the guidelines (by being more than 8 pages, altering margins or not following the template) will be rejected without consideration of their merits. Submissions imply the willingness of at least one author to register, attend the conference, and present the paper. 

CARMA 2023 is using the OCS platform of UPV Press to manage the submissions. In order to submit your paper, you must first create an OCS account. OCS will provide you with a submissions homepage where you can register your paper submission and make appropriate changes. The submission website is: 

About the venue  

Sevilla is one of the largest city in Spain and is located in the South of Spain. It embraces culture and tradition from the past combined with singular architecture, exciting gastronomy, and nightlife. Sevilla is the capital city of Andalucía region. More info at: 


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16th International Conference on Game Theory and Management (GTM2023), St. Petersburg

Next year on June 28-30, 2023 in St. Petersburg (Russia) the «16th International Conference on Game Theory and Management» will take place.

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this meeting.  

The information about the meeting you can find on

172 European Study Group with Industry (172 ESGI)

El 172 European Study Group with Industry (172 ESGI),  coorganizado por math-in y la plataforma PET MSO-ED, se celebrará en formato híbrido (online y presencial) entre el 15 y el 27 de febrero de 2023, con una duración total de 44h. La parte presencial se celebrará en Sevilla los días 20 y 21 de febrero de 2023. Estará focalizado en el ámbito de la salud.

Tenéis toda la información en

Os animo a inscribiros y os pido que difundáis la información entre los y las colegas potencialmente interesados.

Upcoming at LIDAM #183
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Laura Symul (Stanford University)
«Statistical tools for modeling women physiology
Topic models identify sub-communities in human vaginal microbiota
January 12, 2023 – 8:30 | TBA
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Robin Van Oirbeek (DKV)
«The concordance probability in all its shapes and forms«
January 12, 2023 – 10:00 | TBA
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Bernard Francq (GSK)
«Tolerance Intervals in Non-Clinical Biostatistics: Past, Present and Future«
January 12, 2023 – 11:30 | TBA
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Prabal Shrestha (EMLV De Vinci Research Center)
«Sustainable Finance: Effective Communication in Digital Settings«
January 13, 2023 – 10:30 | LSM, salle Vaes
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Thanos Verousis (Essex Business School)
«Decomposing asymmetric information in equity options«
January 13, 2023 – 11:30 | TEAMS
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Baridhi Malakar (Scheller College of Business Atlanta)
«Do Managers Walk the Talk on Environmental and Social Issues?«
January 13, 2023 – 12:30 | TEAMS
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Bert Willems (Tilburg University)
«Bidding and Investment in Wholesale Electricity Markets:
Pay-as-Bid versus Uniform-Price
January 16, 2023 – 10:00 | CORE B.-135
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Xi (Petrus) Yang (Harvard University)
«Rethinking the Integrated Economic Impacts of Energy Transition on Environment, Investment, and Geopolitics: The Case of Clean Hydrogen as Bottleneck-breaker of Climate Change Mitigation Dilemmas«
January 16, 2023 – 14:00 | TBA + TEAMS
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Marion Leroutier (Stockholm School of Economics)
«The Cost of Air Pollution for Workers and Firms«
January 17, 2023 – 10:00 | CORE B.-135
  Academic Recruitment Seminar Ivan Savin (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
«A Global Survey of Scientific Consensus and Controversy on Climate Policy«
January 17, 2023 – 14:00 | CORE B.-135
YOUNG ECONOMIST PRIZE The theme of the 2023 ECB Forum on Central Banking is
«Macroeconomic stabilisation in a volatile inflation environment«

PhD students are invited to submit papers on this theme until 13 February.
Belgian Financial Research Forum 2023
 April 20-21, 2023 National Bank of Brussels
5 PhD and 3 Post-doc positions
in actuarial sciences and statisticsThe Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the UCLouvain jointly with the KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business open vacancies for 3 phD and 2 post-doctoral students as part of the joint 2022 Excellence of research (EOS) call entitled «ASTeRISK: Actuaries and STatisticians endeavour to design innovative, inclusive insurance products in a changing RISK landscape».
More info
3 PhD (ARC-IMAL)The Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and The Namur Institute for Complex Systems (naXys) of the Université de Namur (UNamur), Namur, Belgium, have vacancies for

2 PhD positions in survival/semi-parametric regression
1 PhD position in functional data analysis

as part of their joint 2020 Action de recherche Concertée (ARC) call entitled «Imperfect Data: From Mathematical foundations to Applications in Life sciences» (IMAL).For more information regarding these positions, please find here the announcement
  Yukihiro NISHIMURA
Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University

Invited by Prof. Jean Hindriks
From January 16 to March 16, 2023
  Bertrand Candelon

Les Européens s’accordent enfin pour « plafonner » le prix du gaz
Le Soir – 19/12/2022

Vers une sortie de la crise énergétique en 2023 ?
RTBF Info – 02/01/2023

Les Banques centrales vont encore augmenter leurs taux tant que l’inflation se poursuit
La Libre ECO – 03/01/2023

Les taux vont continuer à augmenter en 2023
Le Vif – 03/01/2023

Épargne: les taux d’intérêt vont continuer à augmenter en 2023
Trends/Tendances – 03/01/2023

Les taux d’intérêt vont continuer à augmenter en 2023
RTBF Info – 03/01/2023

Comptes d’épargne: les taux vont continuer à augmenter
Moustique – 03/01/2023
  Jean Hindriks

Het nieuwe normaal: ieder zijn eigen pensioenrekening
Het Belang van Limburg – 17/12/2022

On n’est pas pauvre parce qu’on fait des mauvais choix
La Libre – 21/12/2022

Pensions: au pied du mur, agir enfin
Trends/Tendances – 22/12/2022

On investit beaucoup d’argent dans cette lutte, mais il faut être beaucoup plus efficace
Sud Presse – 28/12/2022
  Bruno Van Der Linden

Salaires : «Un saut d’index serait extrêmement douloureux. Une réaction collective s’impose»
La Libre ECO – 22/12/2022

Tous les mécanismes d’indexation devraient être temporairement freinés
L’Echo – 22/12/2022

Une forme de blocage des prix n’est pas à exclure
Sud Presse – 22/12/2022
Registration & Information
Pratique de la statistique avec SPSS
[5 demi jours]
débute le 09-01-2023 à 09:30
Introduction to experi-mental design with JMP
[8 demi jours]
débute le 16-01-2023 à 09:00
Initiation au langage Python
[6 demi jours]
débute le 23-01-2023 à 09:30
Préparation et mise en place d’une enquête
[4 demi jours]
débute le 23-01-2023 à 09:30
Each week you can check the latest books available at the LIDAM Library.
——————–MATHIS J.    
La finance au coeur de nos vies – T. 1 : la course au profit nuit-elle à l’intérêt commun ?MATHIS J.    
La finance au coeur de nos vies – T. 2 : combien vaut une vie ?
More New Books
L’inflation actuelle en Belgique requiert une réaction collective équilibrée
Vivre seul ? Un choix coûteux. Mais est-ce un choix ?Pierre Pestieau
Scholars and Literati at the Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts of Clermont-Ferrand (1747-1793)

 If you want to share some news and information
with the LIDAM community, please contact us at
Cursos Data Science

Enhance your Data Science career potential in 2023 with BSE top-tier faculty

The Barcelona School of Economics offers you the opportunity to upgrade your skill set and knowledge with new insights into the most relevant research findings and state-of-the-art techniques directly from renowned researchers and practitioners.

Check out our Data Science online courses for all skill levels, from the most introductory data analytics and programming to advanced machine learning, to get the most from large collections of data in your business or research projects:

Winter Data Science courses

Thinking with Data

February 27 – March 3, 2023

This 10h online course provides you with an introduction to data-driven decision-making and decision-driven data analytics, to learn to skillfully interrogate data and understand the benefits, limits, and threats of using and misusing data analytics.

Introduction to Python and R Programming for Data Science

March 14 – 17, 2023

An 8h online course that provides basic training in programming with Python and R for data analysis and machine learning, from data exploration to building predictive models and extracting insights.

Foundations of Data Science

March 20 – 31, 2023

A 20h online hands-on course that exposes you to state-of-the-art tools and techniques used by data scientists to get insights from large collections of data for your business or research projects.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

March 6 – 13, 2023

This 12h online course will provide you with the latest tools employed for business intelligence and data warehousing. Get an overview of modern solutions for data management, as well as hands-on practice working with relational databases, data warehouses/business intelligence applications, and Big Data systems.

New course | Text as Alternative Data: An Introduction with Forecasting Applications

May 8 – 19, 2023. Admissions will open soon!

Summer Data Science courses

Join our intensive one-week seminars that combine theory and practice and learn the most recent tools and methodologies, while interacting with professionals and researchers with similar interests that will bring valuable insights to your own current work.

Data Science Summer School 

June 25 – July 14, 2023

Four face-to-face summer courses in Data Science will give participants the tools to apply modern machine learning techniques, from data exploration to building predictive models and extracting insights.

You can directly contact the BSE Admissions Counselors for more information at and


Apunte de la presidenta 24/01/2023

El miércoles pasado se celebró el acto de entrega de los premios SEIO-FBBVA y las medallas de la SEIO en una ceremonia solemne en el Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca, sede de la Fundación BBVA. En el acto se reconoció el trabajo de las personas premiadas y se dio visibilidad al importante papel de la […]

Apunte de la presidenta 17/01/2023

Estos días de enero son días de celebración en nuestra Sociedad. Por un lado, la Real Academia de Ingeniería ha concedido el Premio ‘Agustín de Betancourt y Molina’, en su edición 2022, a nuestro compañero Juan Miguel Morales Gómez, profesor titular en la Universidad de Málaga, por sus contribuciones al desarrollo de algoritmos, modelos y técnicas […]