General Information

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The SEIO is an independent organisation whose mission is the development, improvement and promotion of the methods and applications of Statistics and Operations Research in the widest sense possible. With this aim in mind, the SEIO organizes conferences and scientific meetings, edits professional journals and news bulletins, facilitates national and international exchange, promotes public and private sector consultation activities, stimulates research and, in general, makes Statistics and Operations Research available to the service of the wider society.

The conferences of the SEIO take place every 18 months. The Society is run and administered by the General Assembly, the Executive Council and, in the educational context, by the Academic Councils of the Sections.

At present the SEIO has two sections: (i) The Statistics Section and (ii) The Operations Research Section. Each section is run by its Academic Council, made up of 2 members and presided over by the Vice-president who represents the Section in the Executive Council of the SEIO. All members of the SEIO belong to at least one of its two sections.

Every five years the SEIO publishes and sends to all its members an up-to-date version of its Statutes and a list of all its members. The Society also produces the bulletin BEIO and the two journals Test (formally Trabajos de Estadística) and Top (formally Trabajos de Investigación Operativa). The General Secretary coordinates the edition, printing and distribution of all the Society’s publications.

The financial balance and future expenditure of the Society is presented for approval by the General Secretary at the General Assembly of each conference of the SEIO. The Society’s funds are made up of the membership fees of its members, finances received for carrying out specific projects, subventions, donations and any extraordinary finances. The SEIO finances the administrative expenses that the Executive Council considers necessary; particularly the gratuity to the General Secretary, payments associated with its publications and transportation costs of the members of the Council to attend its meetings. Minor payments are decided upon by the General Secretary. Those payments in access of 5% of the annual budget must be approved by the Executive Council.

The Head Office of the SEIO is located in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Matemáticas.- Despacho 502, Plaza de Ciencias, 3, 28040 Madrid, España, E-mail: