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PhD position in statistics at NTNU, Norway
martes, 13 octubre 2020

We have a vacancy for a position as a PhD research fellow at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, for someone interested in statistical modelling and applying it to problems of biodiversity and sustainability. I can promise the chance to work with a cross-disciplinary team: there will also be a student working on the ecological modelling, and we also have a very active group of students working with citizen science data.

The successful applicant will work as part of an inter-disciplinary team to develop methods to aid in the understanding of the effects of water resource management on biodiversity. They will join a team working on statistical methods to apply ecological models to messy data. The project will focus on developing the statistical models to integrate different data from different sources (e.g. different surveys, and reports from citizen scientists) to model the biodiversity of Norwegian rivers and use these models to predict the impacts of resource management decisions.

Duties of the position

• make a workflow to bring data in from a variety of sources
• develop models, based on recent work at NTNU, to model the distributions of riverine species
• work with other members of the project to look at the effects of water resource management, such as the effects of dams.

Required selection criteria

The PhD-position's main objective is to qualify for work in research positions. The qualification requirement is that you have completed a master’s degree or second degree (equivalent to 120 credits) with a strong academic background in statistics or equivalent education with a grade of B or better in terms of NTNU’s grading scale. If you do not have letter grades from previous studies, you must have an equally good academic foundation. If you are unable to meet these criteria you may be considered only if you can document that you are particularly suitable for education leading to a PhD degree.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants and national guidelines for appointment as PhD, post doctor and research assistant.

Required selection criteria:

• ability to work in a cross-disciplinary team
• interest in applying statistical methods to ecological problems
• good knowledge of statistical modeling methods

Preferred selection criteria
• experience with Bayesian methods
• skills in hierarchical modelling
• good written and oral English language skills

More details here (including how to apply, and the formalities):

PhD research fellow at the Department of Mathematical Sciences (194344) | NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

If any potential applicant have questions, they should feel free to ask me.


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