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New Open Positions BCAM
miércoles, 11 diciembre 2019

Open Positions BCAM

We are glad to announce you that we have launched a series of projects related to different areas of applied mathematics. We are looking for 2 postdoctoral fellows, 1 PhD student and 2 research technicians to collaborate in those projects.

2 positions for the ADAM^2 project

The researchers will work on a research project in the framework of ADAM^2: Analysis, Design and Manufacturing, using Microstructures, funded by FET Open Project #862025. Possible research topics include, but are not limited to: simulations of 5-axis hybrid manufacturing, in particular 3D printing and 5-axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining, free-form surface rationalization, and tool-shape design and optimization.

More information:
1. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geometric Modeling and Manufacturing
2. PhD Fellowship in Computational Mathematics

Postdoctoral position in collaboration with Illycaffè
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in mesoscopic modelling of espresso coffee extraction at the CFD group (BCAM) in collaboration with the Italian company Illycaffè.
More info: Postdoctoral Fellowship in CFD Modelling and Simulation

Postdoctoral position in collaboration with PIXIL
In the framework of Simulation of Wave Propagation research group, we are looking for a Research Technician in Deep Learning to join the team working in the European Project PIXIL. More info: Research Technician in Deep Learning

KTU Research Technician
We are looking for a Research Technician to join our Knowledge Transfer Unit and collaborate in a project titled “Health cost analysis with large and incomplete data”. This project was recently launched in the framework of the BCAM Maths & Artificial Intelligence strategy.
Based on a database of more than forty million records, the project aims at studying and describing health-related costs. The objectives will focus on automating the workflow that will allow obtaining (and managing) the data, and defining the statistical analyses to be performed. More info: KTU Research Technician in Applied Statistics
Deadline: January 8th, 2020 (14:00 CET)
Click on each position to read about the specific requirements and to access the application form.

Other open calls
Doctorate INPhINIT program by La Caixa
This program is devoted to attracting talented Early-Stage Researchers—of any nationality—who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Spain or Portugal, and it's sponsored by ”la Caixa”. These fellowships offer a highly competitive salary and complementary opportunities for training, incentives upon completion of the thesis, etc.
As a Severo Ochoa center of excellence, BCAM offers 6 PhD fellowships in Mathematics through this programme. + More information