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Job opportunity for holders of PhD in Maths or Stats
miércoles, 09 diciembre 2020

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe.

As you may recall, in March this year I took up the role of panel coordinator in the Mathematics panel of the ERC. This left my previous post as scientific officer there vacant. The candidate to fill in the position declined the post only 2 days before the starting date and so, the ERC will launch in the next days a new search in the EC database to look for more candidates.

It seems that there are not many mathematicians among the thousands of candidates available in the database where people is selected for (first) a test and (later if threshold reached) and interview in the commission.

I thought to email you to let you know, in case you are in contact with anybody with a maths/stats PhD that could be interested.

If that is the case, please tell them to inscribe/apply in the following database:

Project/programme management (CAST Permanent) | Careers with the European Union Under the profile EPSO/CAST/P/4/2017 - FGIV.

And to make sure that when asked for a PhD, they clearly write PhD in Mathematics or Statistics (not mentioning the particular field of Maths which makes searches much more complicated).

This database is used by the entire commission to find staff with different profiles so, even if it is not for this position, is good to be in for any coming opportunities (especially for next year when we are starting a new framework programme).

Kind regards,
Maria González-Cerveron