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JOB: postdoc fellowship for 2018 start
viernes, 09 marzo 2018

The Biometrika Trust offers a 2 or 3 year research fellowship, for junior researchers in statistical theory or methodology (despite the name of the Trust, the research does not have to be biostatistical). It is aimed at those among the most outstanding recent PhD graduates who are capable of self-direction.
The fellowship offers an annual salary on the scale £33,518-£37,551 (plus London weighting if appropriate), research support costs of £4000 (2 years) or £5000 (3 years), and up to £5000 funding for a 'career development event' to be devised and organised by the Fellow. Applications should be made by the (potential) Fellow, who should have identified and sought the support of a suitable UK host department.
There are no nationality or citizenship restrictions, but the fellowship must be hosted in UK universities or suitable public-sector research institutions and it will be the responsibility of the host department to get UKVI approval, if relevant, once any award is made.
Any host department is not expected to supervise or direct the research, but must provide a stimulating and inclusive research environment, and each Fellow’s career development should be supported through mentoring.
For fuller details, and for the application procedure please visit http://biometrika.wikidot.com