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Call for Applications - Postdoctoral Fellowship, Math. Department -Torino (Italy)
miércoles, 20 diciembre 2017

Call for Applications - 2018 - 2020
Postdoctoral Fellowship at Mathematics Department of Torino University

The Department of Mathematics of Torino University invites applications for one postdoctoral fellowship of outstanding researchers in mathematics.
There is not a pre-defined topic but the winners will work with people of the department in Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Physics or Numerical Analysis.
Scientific and Cultural Projects of the Department of Mathematics of Torino University can be found in http://dipmath.campusnet.unito.it/do/home.pl/View?doc=dip_project.html

The probability and statistics topics investigated at the Mathematics Department can be checked at the page http://www.dipmatematica.unito.it/do/gruppi.pl/Show?_id=2oge&tab=2
The application is on line at https://pica.cineca.it/unito/

To apply, from that page select "Bando assegni di ricerca - Cofinanziati MIUR - Tornata XX". Then Choose the button on the right (the application procedure is then available in English.) The application should be submitted by the candidate before 4th January 2018.
The timing and location of the interviews will be published on the website https://www.serviziweb.unito.it/albo_ateneo/ before the deadine for applications.

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