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5-7 noviembre. ISNI: International Seminar on Nonparametric Inference, Vigo
SNI2008 is a three-days international meeting devoted to nonparametric statistics. It will be held in Vigo (Galicia, NW of Spain) on November 5-7, 2008. Its aim is to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and to promote collaboration among researchers in the field. The meeting is promoted by the three Galician research groups in nonparametric statistics (Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, and A Coruña), as well as by a number of close scientific collaborators coming from different countries in Europe and U.S. (see SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE for details).

 ISNI2008 is organized by the SiDOR (Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research) group at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Vigo. It is co-sponsored or endorsed by the IAP Attraction Pole, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the Section on Nonparametric Statistics of the American Statistical Association, the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, and the Galician and Spanish Societies for Statistics and Operations Research, among many other institutions.
The program includes seventeen plenary invited talks given by leading researchers in their respective areas. Participants are strongly encouraged to submit contributed papers for presentation at the conference. Plenary oral and poster contributed papers sessions are organized to this end. The topics of interest include Statistical Learning, Functional Data Analysis, Finance, Bioinformatics, Survival Analysis, Extremes, Semiparametric models, Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Resampling methods, or Goodness-of-fit testing. Other topics related to the using and/or investigation of nonparametric methods are also welcome.