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1st Women in Science (WiS)
martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

It is the Organization Committee honor to invite you to attend to the 1st Women in Science (WiS) event that will be held on Monday the 9th of July in the EURO Conference. Our main goal is to highlight the role of WiS throughout history. The event will consist of a round table with four women who work in the fields of Science and Technology. They will share their experiences and debate the role of women as scientist researchers.

In addition, there will be a photography exhibition kindly provided by David Ibáñez Gil de Ramales and Nuria Carrasco Vela, President and Secretary respectively of the Asociación de Tecnología y Ciencia de Bétera (ASSTEC). The exhibition will share stories of prominent women in Science and Technology throughout history.

The WiS event will be held on Monday the 9th of July from 17:45 to 19:00, after the plenary session scheduled for that day of the conference.
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