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Business Relations Commission (CORE)
Conscious of the global crisis in which we are immersed, and with the conviction of the need to communicate with those responsible for the different areas of enterprise using their own language so as to ensure the fluid and fruitful transference of mathematical knowledge, the Business Relations Commission (CORE) was created, around the middle of 2010, with the objective of constructing and strengthening the relation between the SEIO and industry and commerce within Spain.

At present, CORE is made up of 9 researchers representing the areas of Statistics, Operations Research and Industry and Commerce. Since its inception and through its members, the CORE forms part of the Logistop Techological Platform (http://www.logistop.org/logistop) and collaborates closely with the Zaragoza Logistics Center (http://www.zlc.edu.es/). For more information about its objectives, the activities undertaken during its short existence and its plans for the near future, please consult part 27-3 of the BEIO journal published in 2011. We invite all members of the SEIO to collaborate with the CORE in any way posible. 

Coordinator of the Commission:
  • Ana Meca Martínez (Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche).
Members of the Commission:
  • Antonio Alonso Ayuso (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid).
  • Fernando Bernstein (Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA)
  • Pilar Gargallo (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Wenceslao González Manteiga (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
  • Antonio Muñoz San Roque (Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICAI-ICADE, Madrid)
  • Justo Puerto Albandoz (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Rubén Ruiz García (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
  • María Jesús Saenz (Zaragoza Logistic Center)