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Several PhD positions in NTNU (Norway)
jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018

There are 5 PhDs in statistics and machine learning in three different exciting projects within NTNUs Digital Transformation initiative, ( Please pass this on to any students who might be interested in doing a PhD in statistics or machine learning in Trondheim (or who might be interested in another aspect of the digital world: there are almost 50 PhD positions available in the whole programme).

Application deadline May 27.

Transforming Citizen Science for Biodiversity

The project is an interdisciplinary research programme that will develop tools and methods to improve the way that members of the general public collect data on what they observe in the natural world, and the way this data is used to inform us about the natural world and how it is changing. The amount of data being generated and uploaded to databased such as the Norwegian Artsobservasjoner is massive, and this and the unsystematic way the data are collected provides challenges when making inferences from the data. This project will (1) encourage citizens to collect data, (2) help scientists correctly interpret and use this data, and (3) provide information back to the citizens about how the data they have collected is being used.

Statistics / Machine Learning PhDs:

Tools for a Biodiversity Atlas (

Quality Control in Citizen Science data (

A Digital Twin for Essential Hypertension Management and Treatment

By a novel combination of exercise-, hypertension-, mathematical modelling-, machine learning-, statistical-, biosensor-, genetic epidemiology- and population based research we will develop a personalized Medical Digital Twin (MyMDT) that serve as a transformative platform for patient specific hypertensive intervention. MyMDT shall identify, and implement, primary and secondary hypertension prevention schemes to improve individual health outcomes and reduce health care cost. MyMDT aim to radically improve prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Statistics / Machine Learning PhDs:

Physics-informed Statistical Machine Learning for sensor-acquired big data (

Deep Learning for your Smart Cardiovascular Twin (


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