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New Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pedestrian Flow Modelling and Simulation
lunes, 05 de abril de 2021

BCAM, have launched a new Postdoctoral Fellowship position in Pedestrian Flow Modelling and Simulation.

The accurate prediction of the flow dynamics and properties of a crowd of pedestrians in complex environments is critical for strategic urban planning but also for safety protocols in the presence of a pathogen, i.e. access to buildings, infrastructures etc. Pedestrian models rely on a stochastic particle-based description of human interaction, where individuals are regarded as “particles” interacting via different competing forces (i.e. short-range contact repulsion and friction, long-range social distancing) and a target desired velocity which is environment-specific.

In the extraordinary health-care situation posed by COVID-19, a mathematical and numerical analysis of pedestrian flow combined with new pathogen diffusion models is a useful tool to predict the spreading of the disease in urban scenarios for control/mitigation purposes.

The target of this project is to formulate a novel particle based simulation framework to model pedestrian dynamics fully coupled with stochastic infection transmission models and apply it to urban situations characterized by the presence of large groups of people in motion.

The postdoctoral candidate will work under the supervision of Ikerbasque Prof. Marco Ellero (CFD group, BCAM) in collaboration with Dr. Dae-Jin Lee (Applied Statistics group, BCAM) on the developments and use of discrete particle-simulation methods to better understand the dynamics of pedestrian flows.

The requirements of the call are the following:
• Promising young researchers.
• Applicants must have their PhD completed before the contract starts.
• PhD degree in engineering, physics, mathematics or related area.
Deadline for applications: April 23th, Friday.

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Deadline for applications: April 23th, 2021