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Job: postdoctoral research assistant in manufacturing analytics at University College Dublin
viernes, 07 de abril de 2017

We are looking for a suitable candidate to develop methods for real time monitoring and calibration of medical manufacturing processes. The role will involve working jointly with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Dublin, the UCD School of Engineering and Architecture, and DePuy (Synthes) Ltd, a manufacturer of medical implants. The data for this project arise from recent advances in the ability of sensors to produce massive data streams relating to the manufacturing process, and so to identify when machines are out of spec and require re-calibration. The project will be supervised by Associate Professor Andrew Parnell (Principal Investigator, Machine Learning and Statistics) and Dr Eamonn Ahearne (Mechanical and Materials Engineering). The candidate will focus on developing algorithms for statistical monitoring of multivariate processes which are possibly temporally misaligned and of varying quality.

The Machine and Learning and Statistics group at UCD are a large and diverse group of academics who focus on both theoretical and applied research. Whilst the main role of the candidate is to publish in the fields of statistics, machine learning, and manufacturing analytics, candidates may also be (optionally) allowed to teach some classes in related areas. They may further gain some experience in the mentorship of MSc and PhD students. It is expected that the candidate will be highly qualified for further academic or industry jobs at the end of the contract.

Candidates must meet the following criteria:
- PhD in Statistics or Machine Learning;
- Experience in one or more of: time series analysis, outlier detection, real-time algorithm development, multivariate analysis, image analysis;
- Experience with programming languages R or Python;
- A demonstrated commitment to research and publications;
- An understanding of the operational requirements for a successful research project;
- Evidence of research activity (publications, conference presentations, awards) and future scholarly output (working papers, research proposals, and ability to outline a research project
- Excellent Communication Skills (Oral, Written, Presentation etc)
- Excellent Organisational and Administrative skills including a proven ability to work to deadlines

The role is for up to 2 years with salary in the range €33,975 - €37,063 per annum.

Deadline: 21st April 2017, 5pm.

For more information please visit and search for job reference number 009017.

Andrew Parnell CStat
Associate Professor
Head of Statistics and Actuarial Science
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Insight Centre for Data Analytics
University College Dublin
Tel: (+353) 1 716 2422