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JOB | DataScientistJobs - Data Scientist, British Geological Survey
viernes, 08 de septiembre de 2017

Data Scientist, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Scotland

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is one of the world’s leading and forward thinking geological science institutes with a focus on both public good science for government and geoscientific research to understand earth and environmental processes. A vacancy has arisen for a highly motivated and enthusiastic Data Scientist at the Lyell Centre in Edinburgh.
As a BGS Data Scientist, we would like you to play a leading role in developing and delivering insight from data using statistical and data science techniques for the benefit of geoscience and society. We would expect you to possess the technical (ICT) and numerical skills to be able to both mine and analyse data from BGS’ vast data holdings but also from social media and other organisation’s research data (both Open and proprietary). You would have a real opportunity to work with state of the art environmental data from sensor networks including those established as part of the pioneering UK GeoEnergy Observatories Project (UK GEOS) research project which aims to establish world leading knowledge applicable to a wide range of energy technologies and inform Governments future energy policy. You will have a strong background in data analytics, including aspects of data mining, machine learning, aggregation, parallel processing, segmentation, modelling and prediction.

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