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Director and Chief Statistician, OECD, Paris, France
miércoles, 08 de julio de 2020

Director and Chief Statistician, OECD, Paris, France

The OECD’s mission – Better Policies for Better Lives – is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The Organisation provides a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems.

The Statistics and Data Directorate (SDD) is the focal point for the OECD’s leading edge work on statistics and data, providing evidence on a comparable basis and from a variety of sources to analysts, policy makers, and members of civil society. SDD develops new metrics and innovative digital tools to address emerging policy issues, leads the development of international statistical standards, advances statistical methodology, and co-ordinates statistical and data-related activities within the Organisation and with other international organisations.

The OECD is looking for a dynamic and innovative Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics to advance the statistical and data agenda of the Organisation, to ensure its relevance, quality and integrity and to situate the OECD at the forefront of the international measurement agenda and statistical debate. The Director will provide leadership of the Smart Data initiative, to explore innovative ways to advance better understanding through statistical work of complex problems and outcomes. S/he should deliver on the promise of a data rich world, due to the digital economy and society and leverage this to maximise the utility of big data, producing world-class statistical standards in the digital economy.

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