The time of statisticians has finally come
lunes, 18 noviembre 2013

Alfonso Gordaliza
Departamento de Estadística e I. O.
Universidad de Valladolid
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  • Abstract
    The main objectives of the Statistics2013 campaign are related with training in Statistics at different levels. In this article, the Spanish situation of the teaching of Statistics in Secondary Schools and Higher Education in Statistics are analyzed in some detail, as well as the impact that this campaign is having on them. Statistics is involved, with a prominent role, in most of the current main challenges of our society. Actions to be adopted by universities in order to prepare graduate students in Statistics to deal with these challenges and to achieve a better recognition of the importance of this discipline are discussed.
  • Keywords: Statistics2013, Education, Dissemination, Big Data.
  • AMS Subject classifications: 97K80, 97K50, 62-03.