Spanish Precursors of Probability and Statist

Fco. Javier Martín-Pliego López
Departamento de Economía Aplicada I
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, España
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  • Abstract
    This article will focus on the development of the calculation of probabilities, highlighting the most important contributions of Spanish scientists and thinkers until the early twentieth century.
    The idea that the process of probabilistic revolution was taken throughout the 19th century in major European countries did not start in Spain until 1930 and there were not notable contributions of Spanish researches in this process, not to mention any is quite widespread. Let’s see how this is an incomprehensible error that so far is accepted as an axiom from the scientific community of Spanish statisticians who did not show any contribution to our country without trying to verify the credibility of this assertion.
  • Keywords: Spanish Precursors, Probability, Statistics, History.
  • AMS Subject classifications: 01-02, 60-03, 62-03, 01A99.