History of the Statistics teaching in Spain: a short study

Ana Isabel Busto Caballero
I.E.S. Victoria Kent
Fuenlabrada, Madrid
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  • Abstract
    In Spain, the Statistics began to be shyly taught during the first quarter of the XIX century but in an unofficially way. Nevertheless it began to be taught as an official subject from the middle of that century. At the beginning its study was related to Geography and Political Economy and it was taught at the Business Schools and at the Philosophy and Law Faculties. Up to 1933 there was not a Statistics professorship in a Spanish Science Faculty. In this paper we will quickly review how the Statistics has been introduced in the different curricula, not only in primary and secondary school but also in the university.
  • Keywords: Education, Statistics, History, Spain: 01 A 55, 62-XX, 62-03.
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