Historical development of the Spanish National Statistical Institute and its relations with the SEIO

Mariano Gómez del Moral
Vocal Asesor Presidencia
Instituto Nacional de Estadística
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  • Abstract
    This article is about the last fifty years of INE’s history through the main statistical products and the relations with the SEIO. The description takes as points of reference three of the most important political and economic milestones of Spanish history in that period, which are associated with three types of information needs and three different ways of dealing with the production of the data in order to meet those needs. The article also provides a breakdown of the main strategic lines that have supported the work of the institution and have allowed it to be in the leading group of European public statistical offices.
  • Keywords: Milestones, Strategic lines, Public good, International framework, Plan, ICT, Infrastructure, Sampling, Quality, Statistical products, Core statistics, National accounts.
  • AMS Subject classifications: 01A74, 62-03.
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