Find out the twelve differences

María Esther García-Ligero Ramírez
IES Álvarez Cubero
Priego de Córdoba
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  • Abstract
    Economics, Medicine, Biology. Some times, either they saw in the mass media or either ought to the problems proposed by the teachers, the students understand the relation between Statistics and the other disciplines. For example, how they can use statistical methods to solve problems of authorship in Literature. This is a teaching experience, in which taking some stylistic criterion and the textual criticism of twelve literary figures, we have found that, after the statistical study of ten poems of two of the modern poets: Juan Ramón Jiménez and Rubén Darío, the student will be able to discern if a chosen at random, belongs to one author or another.
  • Keywords: Descriptive statistic, Hypotheses test, Stylometry.
  • AMS Subject classifications: 97C80, 97D40.