After the steps of Decision Analysis: from its origins until the present days

  • Abstract
    Decision Analysis constitutes, without doubts, a very important task since the decision itself is essential in life. Its relevance has been coming up through the decades and their demands have been outlined every time clearly. Therefore, of a first more general vision, considered as a part of the Decision Theory, many ramifications have been arising and have been consolidating little by little. We will put special emphasis in the Multicriteria Decision Analysis. The term multicriterio makes reference to those decision problems in which the objective is to select the best compromise solutions being evaluated under multiple criteria, usually in conflict to each other. The Multicriteria Decision has had a very quick and solid evolution at the same time, to such point that we have today a great variety of applicable methodologies for the resolution of the ranking and selection problems. Although its history is recent, the roots of the Decision Analysis itself go back to the own existence of the man.
  • Keywords: Decision, Decision Analysis, Multicriteria Decision.
  • AMS Subject classifications: 01A99, 90-03, 91-03, 90B50.