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A brief history of the SEIO
The SEIO was first created on the 12th February 1962 under the name of the Spanish Operations Research Society. Its first meeting took place in the rooms of the Institute of Statistical Research of the Upper Council of Scientific Research and was attended by 52 people interested in methods of Operations Research and the propagation within Spain of the theory and practice in the field.

In a General Meeting held on the 30th June 1976, the Society’s activities of the SEIO were extended to include Statistics and Computing.  In the General Meeting held on the 20th December 1984 it was decided to modify its statutes, name and commitments and the SEIO was henceforth referred to as the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research. In March 1999 some of the statutes were changed further and are the ones that govern the Society today. At present, the SEIO has around 700 members.

The following is a chronological list of those who have occupied the position of President of the SEIO since its inauguration:
Fermín de la Sierra
Sixto Ríos García
Pilar Ibarrola Muñoz
Marco A. López Cerdá
Daniel Peña Sánchez de Rivera
Elías Moreno Bas
Jesús T. Pastor Ciurana
Rafael Infante Macías
Pedro Gil Álvarez
Domingo Morales González
Ignacio García Jurado
José Miguel Angulo Ibáñez
Leandro Pardo Llorente
Emilio Carrizosa Priego
Jesús López Fidalgo

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